Hey, hey, hey! Now, I'm coming to you all they way from my computer screen to talk about a disease that you have been affected with your entire writing life. Cliches.*Cue Duh Duh Duhhh.*

I know, that we have all used them at least once in our writing. They're just so tempting! It's like when you read a story you think, "I love that idea! I'll put it in my story!" Then, someone reads your story and puts  it in theirs and before you know it, a cliche is born.

It's like Nutella. You're like, "Just one more scoop. One more...and Bam! Your sandwhich has a jar-full of Nutella on it! (That was a metaphor for all of you straight forward people out there.)

So by now you might be wondering, why did this girl put this blog up in the first place? And I'm wondering, didn't you read the title?

Basically, I put this up so all of you writers can find those cliches that are hiding under beds, sneaking around in the shadows, and lounging in the cookie jars. The ones that  the you, the writer fails to notice in their own stories. So, lets shine the flashlight on these bugs shall we?

Number One: The New Girl/Guy In the Dojo.

Now, this cliche is one of the most annoying to me. Basically because you trying to fix the already perfect gang. When you have a group like the Wasabi Warriors it's always hard to add a original character because it's already complete. You have Jack the athletic one, Milton the intellectual one, Jerry the goofball and player, Rudy the childish adult, and Kim the short-tempered athletic cheerleader. That pretty much completes the stereotypical school gang so when you try to add another  character it usually comes out as three things.

The Mary-Sue, The Copy-Cat, or the Psycho.

Let's start with the Mary-Sue. They have the perfecy body, sometimes a snappy personality, and they like Jack which ends up making Kim jealous. As soon as she comes in the dojo everyone instantly likes her. Maybe that does happen to people in real life but I've never seen anyone like that. It's the same with boys. I mean of you're going to do a Mary-Sue at least give her a hidden disability like she's dyslexic or something? Maybe she's a alien from outer space, I don't know! Just give her someting!

Next, we have the Copy-Cat. They're usually the same as a character already in the gang and in most fanfics I've read they're usually just like Jack. In my opinion, if your going to copy someone at least don't do Jack! Try..Milton? Maybe there's another braniac and he feels so happy about it that he leaves the dojo...?

Lastly, we have the Psyco. Usually a failed attempt to make a character unique. They're usually a rebel, killed someone on accident, or involved in a gang. I guess that is original, but how frequently does that actually happen! I really can't think of something you can do to make this better, I just...can't.

Now don't get me wrong, I love chiches if they're done the right way. I have read tons of fics that make cliches seem like original stories because at one point they add a twist in the story. So if you really enjoy cliches. You have to add some unexpected twist! I've actually read a couple of stories that have made the guy/girl cliche work!

Well, that's it for now! Stay Tuned for more Cliches! And sometimes as writers it's hard to identify cliches in our own work so if you need help with identifying cliches, talk to our beta admin, EverybodyKnows! She specializes in eliminating cliches! 

Adios Amigos!