Here you will find a diverse collection of one-shots from several different authors. We hope you enjoy reading each and every one of them!


1. Cliches by PalindromePen

Ever since he'd first learned about them, Jack Brewer had completely disbelieved in clichés...but of course, in life's ironic twists, Jack would be feeling the clichés for the first time with Kim Crawford.

PalindromePen created a perspective of Jack that even I sometimes dwell in. This disbelief of cliches. No, this isn't I-don't-fall-in-love Jack, this is realistic I-don't-believe-in-cliches Jack. From his open perspective we read about his solid disbelief and how it turns into his own cliche upon meeting Kim. Even though it's only about 400 words, the amazing choice of words make you believe you've witnessed it all in just a few seconds. Cliches is a short book you just don't want to miss out on.

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2. Unconcluded by  aligning street lights

"You can close your eyes from the things you don't want to see but you can never close your heart from the things you don't want to feel." / drabble

If you were to read Unconcluded, you would of never guessed that this was aligning street lights first fanfic. It's amazing, and I am kinda mad at her for leaving it a short one-shot. :) 

I suggest you hold your breath Kick shippers, you see, it's Kim and Brett's wedding day. Oh, and what will Jack do about it? You'll have to read and see! I will warn you though, the ending will leave you wanting more. On aligning street lights profile she put up a poll asking if she should write a multi-chapter. After reading this, I think we'll all know the answer.

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Valentines Day

3. Valentines Day  by iamMarlaina

Valentines day was Kim Crawfords least favorite day, but all of that changes that night when Jack asks her to the dance. Will she accept?

If there is one thing that I have realized when I write is that doing 1st person is hard! At least for me, but IamMarlaina managed to make it work. Love is the air in Seaford High and cupid has his arrow pointed at Jack. It's a short, almost diary-style one-shot that you have to read. It features a position that almost all of us have been in: single on valentines day, but Kim doesn't cared does she? Come on, read it! You know you want to!

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A Promise To Return To

4. A Promise To Return To by Peace.Love.Passion.Laugh

It was fate when Jack and Kim met. Becoming best friends, they learn it wasn't easy growing up especially with the growing feeling towards each other. The story of how best friends turned into lovers. They are put into an ultimate test when an incident changes everything that may break everything they shared in the last 12 years. Will their love for each other last?-Oneshot

This story has so many elements it's almost impossible to describe. Starting with a chance encounter at the age of six, Jack and Kim's relationship grow. The two experience good and bad times but a accident changes that all. Now with a fresh new start, Jack has to discover the old Kim. I really didn't want to give anything away. It's just much to good for spoilers. At more than 13,000 words I still felt my self wanting more! A promise to return to is a definite must read.

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The Trace of Him

5. The Trace Of Him by Peace.Love.Passion.Laugh

Jack Brewer was a player. Kim had no intention to play in his game. But when Jack shows his interest in her, they slowly find themselves in a whirl of madness as they start falling for each other. Will Jack drop his player act to return Kim's feelings? This is the story of how a player and an average girl came to be. Jack/Kim

A story that begins with the disgust of of a certain brunet soon transforms into a story of how two lovers maneuver through love. I sounded a bit dramatic there, didn't I? Peace.Love.Passion.Laugh created a magnificent story of our two favorite people. In her story Jack and Kim aren't best friends, they don't even know each other! Except, for the known fact that, Jack Brewer, is a player, but this story takes a different turn than all the other cliches. To top it off, it's extremely realistic. Warning, some parts are so amazingly written and emotional; They make you cry. So what are you waiting for! Read it!

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6. Carousels by Eastern side sunsets

"I have a friend who once told me - love is like a carousel. You can't be afraid to grab for the brass ring, and if, by chance, the music does end, then you have to get off for the next person." / So he was gorgeous. And talented. And good looking. But if she'd already known that, hadn't she? The trouble was, she wasn't sure how to handle him. Not nearly as sure as she had to be. / AU

Kim Crawford is often described as a machine rather than a human because of her hard-working ethnics. She is determined to go somewhere successful in life, but first she just has to get there; starting off with promoting a skillfully talented and well-known XMA martial artist Jack Brewer - a dangerously attractice guy in which Kim isn't too keen on how to handle him. With complete opposite traits and personalities, Kim must learn to take the risk and take the chance to grasp the brass ring of the carousel, in some cases in which the music never stops flowing, and in others, they have no choice but let someone else have their turn. 

A great beginning and deserves to become a multi-chapter. The mystery lurks beneath the printed black ink, many readers will get a kick of how amazing and complex the writing truly is. What great destiny is held between each chapter, your undivided attention will be set on "Carousels". A definite read, join the ride for what may become of the story. 

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Carousels by to-knock-on-the-sky

Bright Lights

7. Bright Lights by infinite-stars-tonight

The sound of laughter, one deep and the other high-pitched, floated and entwined like silk ribbons as they floated into the air and dissipated into the brilliant hue of the dark blue sky in an unseen mist. And it seemed like the stars shined just a little brighter. / Of blue chairs, giggling snorts, slaps, and unforseen stupidity. The average night on a rooftop terrace. /

Bright Lights by infinite-stars-tonight is a funny story that shows Jack and Kim having a cute, but teasing friendship. Her story feflects the views that there's more than meets the eye, but mainly focuses on the friendship this pair has. She describes Kim's strong-willed personality and how though Jack may be amused by it, he still cares about her too. She uses quaint details to paint a simple, but imaginative picture of what happened on the rooftop that February evening. The story makes you laugh and think back to such special moments in your own life, ones you will cherish forever. Bright Lights is a can't miss read that leaves you smiling from ear to ear.

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