As individuals we all have our own opinions about we like to read. So we made sure that as readers, you guys had a choice to pick from! We have a variety of different categories that you can choose from! We have / will add...

  • One-Shots

These are one or maybe two-chapter stories. They may be song, predic, or future-fics. Maybe even poems! Some will be short, some will be long, but they're all worth checking out!

  • Seaford Highschool

This is a collection of FanFictions that take place inside the school. Maybe the setting is prom? Maybe it's a Romeo or Juliet play? Anything that happens in or is about the school, is here!

  • The Dojo

These are a collection of FanFictions that happen in or are about the Dojo. The Dojo gets shut down? That goes in here! New Kid in the Dojo? That goes in here! Anything about or in the dojo goes here!

  • Fantasy

These are a collection of FanFictions that may take place in a fairytale universe, involve ghost, super-powers, or anything of the sort.

  • A/C

This one is called Alternate Circumstances. This is the section for all stories that the gang well...isn't the gang. Maybe Jerry is nerd and Milton is a jock? Wow...I would love to read a story like that!

  • Miscellaneous

These are just a group of stories that don't quite fit into any category.